“I was in constant pain around my tailbone after the long birth of my first son. 3 years later after the birth of my daughter, the pain persisted. Consistent yoga practice, postural adjustments and nothing worked. After one session with Kimberly, my pain disappeared and it has never come back. In fact I gained more awareness and sensation in my pelvis than I had before kids! I am sincerely thankful for your empathy and understanding for the pain I had that none therapists could help me heal. Your knowledge with so much gentleness was a main element to transit the process of recovering my body after delivery. Thank you so much and I will always be grateful for your magic hands.

– Paula Self, Iyengar yoga teacher, Mom

“I had suffered from chronic frontal headaches for about three and a half years. Two pregnancies certainly didn’t help and I had tried lots of different types of treatment including acupuncture, physiotherapy, osteopathy and global postural re-education, all of which gave some relief at the time of treatment but never fixed the problem. I was starting to give up hope of ever being headache free. Then I heard about Rolfing and with nothing to lose decided to give it a try. By the third session my body already felt different (something which global postural re-education took 16 sessions to achieve). My headaches had reduced dramatically and my neck felt longer. I had almost forgotten what life could be like without headaches as I was just so used to them. I have two more sessions to go and have not felt this good in a really long time. I would highly recommend it to anyone with chronic musculoskeletal problems of any kind!”

– Megan Almeida, Physical Therapist, Mom

“Kimberly is a true genius of the body. I give her an honorary medical degree from the university of her choice.”

Francoise Hall, Harvard MD, class of 1957, Yoga student and Rolfing client

Kimberly Johnson, is an American woman in love with Brazil.

Yogini nomad, international yoga teacher trainer, and post-partum care revolutionary.


  • 48 years ago