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Pelvic Health Care

Pelvic health care is critical to women’s physical and emotional health. Many women suffer silently from pelvic pain and reproductive system health issues. As women, it is critical to our sense of connection to ourselves and to the Earth to be able to fully connect with and inhabit our wombspace. This connection is at the next frontier of women’s health and the future of humanity as we learn to care for mothers and their children.  Part of this process is greatly enhanced by hands-on work, connecting sensation with awareness.

As women, we have been touched either clinically/ medically or sexually, with varied degrees of consent and comfort. Pelvic health care changes the context to a therapeutic and warm setting where a woman is the protagonist of her own experience, learning to map her own sensations of pain and pleasure and work with any imbalances or blocks that may arise.  The pelvis is the root of our physical and energetic anatomy and without pelvic support, we can feel unanchored, lacking support and lost- as if we are floating around in the world.

This work is for women

–        who want to explore their femininity more deeply and establish a baseline of health and inner knowing, so that they are more finely attuned if something is feeling out of alignment or abnormal.

–        who feel altered after childbirth and want to regain a sense of wholeness

–        who have scar tissue from Cesarean births, episiotomies, or perineal tearing

–        who want to heal from traumatic birth experiences, including miscarriages or abortions

–        who have pelvic pain, pain during sex, incontinence

–        who want to include their whole body in their somatic journey


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Kimberly Johnson, is an American woman in love with Brazil.

Yogini nomad, international yoga teacher trainer, and post-partum care revolutionary.


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