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The Path of the Warrior Mama- Interview with Elsie Escobar Part 2

Here is Part Two of the Interview with Elsie Escobar where she goes into depth about motherhood has changed her yoga practice.

Here are some of the gems

— Through mothering, her practice has become less physical and more breath-oriented.

” I have to be in the moment, not to think that I have to go somewhere else, the moment I think I HAVE to… about what I HAVE to do, that’s when things get crazy.

— One of her biggest challenges is “the space to have her own big emotions. Children can’t deal with those emotions- I have to mask them instead of process them.”

— Her asana practice is a lot of “hip openers and leg love.”

— She wishes she could have been, “more open to receive help and not feel like [she] was less than for receiving it.”

Enjoy part two of this interview.


Go here if you want to watch Part One, where Elsie talks about her two births that went completely differently than she hoped for, planned for and expected.



Kimberly Johnson, is an American woman in love with Brazil.

Yogini nomad, international yoga teacher trainer, and post-partum care revolutionary.


  • 48 years ago