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Dear Brazil,

Dear Brazil,

Kimberly 2 irmaosThank you for pointing me back to my own heart again and again.

Thank you for having a language and a people that express each emotion in the moment and let it go just as easily. Thank you for modeling how easy it can be to say how you feel and how that allows you to move forward without carrying anything with you.

Thank you for a country with a legacy of women who understand that a woman is meant to have curves; and thank you for offering endless helpings of arroz e feijao.

Thank you for the richest landscapes I have ever seen, for rainforest so lush and so powerful that I feel I am climbing back inside the womb. Thank you for answering my question of “what is a woman?” through the povo and mother nature.

Thank you for the fruit and the  juice, and through them that the most incredible colors exist in nature.

Thank you for your endless generosity, for embracing me and giving me the greatest gift of my life in the most passionate way possible.

Thank you for balancing the crown chakra of Boulder with all the pelvic floor I was missing.. and then some.

Thank you for your rhythms- the sea, the samba, chorinho. All the things that I can count on. Thank you for your reverence to music, for revering your musicians as poets- the absolute respect.

Thank you for your endurance.

Thank you for the beauty- in all its forms. Rhythms, creatures, species.  The powerpacked rainforest.

Thank you for showing me how people live without self-consciousness and how it feels to live in a place where it is not acceptable to ostracize and alienate even as a teenager.

Thank you for a people whose hearts spread out like arms to embrace, who are ever-welcoming.

Thank you for offering me a perfect home in a language that has so many words to express feelings, and where it is more than normal to do so.  Thanks for the “zhh”s and the “aow”s and for MPB.

Our love affair has just begun. I’m sure of it.

Kimberly Johnson, is an American woman in love with Brazil.

Yogini nomad, international yoga teacher trainer, and post-partum care revolutionary.


  • 48 years ago