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Am I Giving My Daughter An Eating Disorder?

The concerned look on my midwife’s face sent a clear message– “she’s not getting enough.” For the past 4 weeks I had been on a nursing marathon. No nurse, sleep, play rhythm trilogy going on at my place. I was pretty much nursing all the time. After all, more stimulus means more…

Retreat Is Not as Easy as It Sounds!

I have just come back from a long retreat in Curitiba- it was not exactly a retreat, I saw quite a few clients for Rolfing. But I did about 5 or 6 hours of yoga a day for two weeks and I was exclusively a yoga student during that time, living without…

New Year’s Resolutions- Blech.

The energy of this New Year is palpable. I had one of the most exuberant and truly powerful year transitions of my life. I went with 2 million other people to the shores of the mighty (and salty) Atlantic- Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro. I waited til the countdown- I love counting…

O que é beleza para você?

Kimberly, Mel Vieira e Anita Camargo as três musas da capa da edição sobre o Divino Feminino do Yoga Journal Brasil. Cada uma fala sobre a sua visão da Beleza. Confira também os outros videos das entrevistas.

Dicas para a Feminilidade

Como parte de sua participação na edição especial sobre o Divino Feminino da Yoga Journal Brasil, Kimberly realizou uma série de entrevistas para o site. Confira no video dicas para mulheres e homens sobre a conexão com a feminilidade.

Karma Cleanup

I hate having things hanging over my head. I recently named those things Gremlins- you know those bills you have to pay, that conversation you need to have, the exercise you were going to do. Pending things that linger in the brain and occupy space. I have always loved to write letters….

5 Most Influential Moments in my Yoga Life

5 Most Influential Moments in my Yoga Life I love the word influential because it is big enough to encompass the range of experience that both life and yoga practice are always offering – inspiring, revolting, disillusion-invoking, mind-blowing, revealing, connecting, unraveling, disappointing, surprising. In the same way both the teaching and practicing…

When It Seems Like Nothing Matters

Yesterday I got lost in the existential angst of wondering “what is the point?” I’m guessing you’ve had days like these? Sitting on the bus, in 100 degree weather. I went across town to receive an acupuncture treatment, but after the wear and tear of the traffic and the heat, I was…

Bring Your Butt On Down Here

Literally. My mom has a friend that is plagued by the size of her butt. She thinks it is big. (She’s American) Everything she wears makes her butt look big, she thinks, and she is always looking to minimize it. She thinks it is out-of-proportion and too high. You know what I…

What Childbirth Taught Me that Yoga Never Could

Published in Yoga Journal Brazil Feb. 2011 (in Portuguese:) What Childbirth Taught Me That Yoga Never Could A few years ago I ran into a good friend, fellow yoga teacher and  yogini, who had just had a baby.  When I asked her how the birth went, her eyes bulged and she said,…

Kimberly Johnson, is an American woman in love with Brazil.

Yogini nomad, international yoga teacher trainer, and post-partum care revolutionary.


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