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3 Secrets to A Peaceful First Month Post-Partum: Magamama Interview

I am so thrilled to FINALLY be sharing with you some of the incredible footage from the Magamama interviews I have been doing over the last three months. Jennifer Mayer is a doula, massage therapist, placenta alchemist and incredible resource. We talk here about how as women we spend so much time preparing for the birth, and preparing for a baby, but we forget to prepare for becoming a mother. She shares here very practical advice that every woman might heed in the last trimester of pregnancy to be able to tangibly prepare for motherhood. These steps are simple but powerful and something that you can do to increase your breastfeeding success and reduce your likelihood of post-partum depression by increasing your support structure and agency.

Enjoy! And please leave a comment whether it be about your personal experience or questions you would like me to find answers to in the future.

Kimberly Johnson, is an American woman in love with Brazil.

Yogini nomad, international yoga teacher trainer, and post-partum care revolutionary.


  • 48 years ago