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The One Investment that You Can Never Lose

But there is one investment that never loses its value. The investment of loving, understanding, witnessing, and knowing your self never decreases in value. The bright flame inside only increases its burn. The fire in your eyes shines brighter.

Curso Avançado para Doulas

Curso Avançado para Doulas no RIo, dia 16 de Dezembro

Curso de Formação de Doulas

Para todas as mulheres que acreditam no incrível processo da vida, que desejam se tornar doulas e acompanhar mulheres no período de gestação, pré e pós-parto.
O curso será realizado nos dias 13, 14 e 15 de dezembro, em Santa Teresa, no Rio de Janeiro, o primeiro curso na América Latina ministrado pela DONA International, a mais antiga e respeitada organização no treinamento de doulas. Todo o curso será apresentado pela Ana Paula Markel, educadora perinatal e Diretora de Desenvolvimento da DONA International. Dias 13, 14,e 15 de Dezembro no Rio de Janeiro.

The Path of the Warrior Mama- Interview with Elsie Escobar Part 2

Here is Part Two of the Interview with Elsie Escobar where she goes into depth about motherhood has changed her yoga practice. Here are some of the gems — Through mothering, her practice has become less physical and more breath-oriented. ” I have to be in the moment, not to think that I…

When What You Least Expect Happens in Birth- Part One with Elsie Escobar

Get ready for some fiery wisdom as Elsie Escobar aka YoGeek gets real about the births of her daughters.  Glean the wisdom she has to share about dealing with the unexpected, about the difficult emotions and how to move through them. This first part has her birth stories and gems about moving…

What Every Mom Needs to Know to Survive the Post-Partum Period

This interview with Maira Holzmann got pretty personal. I wanted to talk to Maira because, like me, she got pretty sideswiped by the transition to motherhood, and I met her right in the thick of it.  She is an experienced therapist and life coach, deeply committed to mindfulness practice. Like all of…

3 Secrets to A Peaceful First Month Post-Partum: Magamama Interview

I am so thrilled to FINALLY be sharing with you some of the incredible footage from the Magamama interviews I have been doing over the last three months. Jennifer Mayer is a doula, massage therapist, placenta alchemist and incredible resource. We talk here about how as women we spend so much time preparing…

Americans Gets the Shaft: The EpiNo- A Potential Preventative Tool for Tearing During Childbirth

I recently learned about an innovative piece of birth preparation technology. It’s called the Epi-No. If you are American, don’t get too excited yet, because in order to get your hands on one you will have to get stealthy. Not FDA approved. What is it? Leave it to the Germans to design…

Maga Mama vision

MAGA MAMA: a virtual community + revolutionary program for new moms Here in Brazil, MAGA means sorceress. The wild, fiery one. The creator of life. The sensualist, magician + muse. The spiritual heart of her community. Every woman is a MAGA, in her own beautifully unique way. But after giving birth, it…

When Will I Feel Like Myself Again Post-Partum?

Just HOW LONG does this post-partum period last? Some of the most shocking news that I have ever received has also been the most honest. When my trusted mentor and respected yoga teacher, Wendy Bramlett,  told me that it takes about ten years to recover after the birth of a child, my…

Kimberly Johnson, is an American woman in love with Brazil.

Yogini nomad, international yoga teacher trainer, and post-partum care revolutionary.


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