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Magamama Doula Services

Birth is a life-changing event. The worlds open up. We have access to parts of ourselves that we may have never glimpsed before.

Yet, in our fast paced lives, and with little exposure to what a birth is actually like, we sometimes enter the process saturated with information. Our brains are prepared, but our bodies often are not. I’m not talking about exercise or yoga. I am talking about your body as a living historian and storyteller.

I work with parents who are excited to fully engage the birth process as an entryway for growth and expansion. These couples realize that when a baby is born, everything changes. Some of those changes are welcome, some are unexpected. But all are transformative.

My aim is for women, partners, and families to emerge from the birth process feeling whole- physical, mentally, emotionally, sexually and spiritually. For some, this process happens fairly seamlessly. For most, the sacred-ness and power of birth wakes up material to mine. With the right support, that material can be gracefully traversed bringing each person into a deeper level of understanding and connection.

Without support, pieces dangle out there. The changes are disorienting and we emerge fragmented. Years later, we are unable to harness our own life force energy and yet we don’t know why.

Each family is so different, there can’t possible one way for birth to happen, nor for the transition to parenthood to happen. The shape my doula support takes varies from family to family as a result.

In order to be fully available in the way that each couple needs, I work with just 8 women or couples per year.

This is for you if:

–       you are willing to dive into the birth and mother mysteries, even if they scare you a bit- and you want a witness to dive with

–       are adopted, had a difficult birth yourself, or are afraid of birth, and want to tend these threads so you can have a spontaneous satisfying birth experience

–       you want to get more deeply in touch with your instinctive, intuitive nature.

–       you want to emerge stronger and more connected to your partner

This is not for you if:

–       you want to return to life as usual, as fast as possible, once you have your baby


Having a doula present at birth has proven to lower the incidence of medical intervention, shorten the length of labor and reduce the rate of Cesarean births.

Having a doula present also increases how you feel about your birth afterwards- the memory that you carry forward with you that becomes some of the most important part of your personal and family history.

My work in yoga, Somatic Experiencing, Rolfing, and pelvic health care all contribute to my doula tool kit.

As I travel to teach workshops and trainings often, and I work with a maximum of 8 women per year,  it is best to book my services as early as possible.


Contact me at to set up a time to talk.


Kimberly Johnson, is an American woman in love with Brazil.

Yogini nomad, international yoga teacher trainer, and post-partum care revolutionary.


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